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get4domain.com web space subscription provides access to the use of Get4domain.com mail servers. All subscriptions include an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. web space subscription automatically gives the user the right to set up a website. The amount of disk space available depends on the type of subscription chosen. Subscription periods Expires after 12 month.15 days before a 12-month subscription period, a reminder will be sent to the subscriber asking to renew his subscription. if the customer does not renew the subscription then the same will tend to be expired on the closing hours after the period mentioned.. For a faster delivery of the product, Get4domain.com will usually begin the manufacturing and customizing of the product as soon as the order is received. By ordering, the customer accepts that any right of withdrawal will be dismissed as soon as Get4domain.com has started processing the ordered product.
Use :
Subscribers are not permitted to store large amounts of data on the server for free download or reading without prior agreement with Get4domain.com Illegal material is not permitted on any of Get4domain.com’s servers, whether this be images, film clips, and other types of files or link to unlawful photos or similar material. For example, unlawful material is, but not limited to, copyright protected material or other material you are not entitled to publish or store according to legislation. Nor is it permitted to store erotic, pornographic or other offensive material on servers owned by Get4domain.com. It is entirely Get4domain.com’s decision to determine whether material belongs to one or more of the above categories, and the company reserves the right to delete any such material at any time without notice. In the event of such material being deleted the customer cannot advance any claim against Get4domain.com related to the deletion. Traffic is basically unlimited. However, traffic must be normal in nature and not disrupt that of other customers. If a customer's traffic disrupts that of others, Get4domain.com reserves the right to close the customer's web space without notice and/or make a separate charge for the traffic. Get4domain.com reserves the absolute right to decide whether or not traffic is excessive. On closure of a web space, no refund will be made of any subscription paid in advance. Unwanted (spam) mail must not be sent from Get4domain.com’s servers. In the event of transgression of this rule, Get4domain.com reserves the right to inform the relevant authority and submit log details etc. to that authority. Get4domain.com reserves the right to demand payment for time spent in relation to such information and its submission to the relevant authority.
Get4domain.com provides unlimited access to standard scripts and the use of other scripts. However, the use of other scripts is only permitted as long as it does not burden the servers to an unreasonable degree.
Templates (web designs)
All templates placed at the disposal of customers by Get4domain.com remains the property of Get4domain.com regardless of whether individual templates have been modified or not. No templates placed at customers' disposal by Get4domain.com may be distributed to others on either a commercial or non-commercial basis. All templates are provided with non-exclusive rights. In the event that Get4domain.com feels obliged to withdraw the right of use of a template, Get4domain.com cannot be held responsible for any loss (direct or indirect) on the part of the customer as a result of the withdrawal. Nor is Get4domain.com responsible for any errors or deficiencies of templates or access to them.
Operational reliability
Get4domain.com reserves the right to limit/reduce the usage of products if required for operational or security reasons. For reasons of operation and security, Get4domain.com also reserves the right to access customers' user data. In such event, the staff of Get4domain.com will be subject to professional secrecy. All other access to user data requires the acceptance of the customer or a court order. Although the spam and virus filters placed at the disposal of customers minimise the risk of their receiving unwanted mails, Get4domain.com does not guarantee that customers will not receive unwanted mail.
The customer's use of a Get4domain.com subscription is entirely at his/her own risk. Get4domain.com cannot be held responsible for the contents, including accuracy, lawfulness, completeness etc. of the information which the customer receives or sends via the Internet. Get4domain.com can therefore not be held responsible for losses - direct or indirect - immaterial violations or other circumstances that arise as a result of the use of information found on the Internet. Get4domain.com cannot be held responsible for losses or other circumstances that may arise as a result of unavailability of access to services or information on the Internet, regardless of the reason for such unavailability. Get4domain.com accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal data, including the loss or damage of installed software, etc. Get4domain.com does not accept any responsibility for access gained by unauthorised persons to the customer's data or systems or damage incurred as a result of this. The customer is responsible for any costs related to orders placed for services via the Internet and the use of payment systems on the Internet. Exemptions of liability contained in these Terms and Conditions apply even in the event of gross negligence on the part of Get4domain.com
Terms and Conditions
If a party wastes or abuses resources available on the Internet, disrupts the functionality of the Internet, infringes netiquette valid at any given moment, e.g. by passing on information about other people's private affairs or in other ways inconveniencing other users of the Internet. Data from homepages and mail systems will generally be deleted seven days after termination of a subscription.

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